Monday, April 9, 2007


Yesterday I took the kids shopping for clothes. I bought Jasmine some shirts and a pair of pants. I bought Candace a new Dora shirt and Justin a shirt. I also bought myself a pair of pants and a shirt and I realized a have lost a few pounds since the Summertime. I was wearing a 4x in shirts, now I can fit a 1x. In pants I was like a 2x and now I fit into a XL. I am so happy with myself about the weight loss. Now all I need is lose another 20lbs. Anyone have some advice for me on how to lose? Your input would be great.
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Wow, congrats on the weight loss. I was wearing 2x when I was pregnant for Jacob and I remember thinking that I couldn't wait till I could just get to a large then I could get back to shopping at my favorite regular shops in the mall instead of maternaty clothes and plus size stores. My only advice would be to get at least 20mins of exerecise at least 3x per week. And keep your calorie intake at 2000 or under.
YAY for new clothes :) Bobby's sister brought Justin some shirts from her son & it's like getting new clothes for him :) Congratulations on the weight loss~that's GREAT!!!! You have every reason to be happy!
Congrats on the weight loss! That is really great! I am tryong to lose weight also and this is what I have been doing! I walk fast 3x a week for 30 minutes and on the opposite days I do crunches, leg lifts, and use some 5 pound weights for some strength training. I also have been watching my portions and eating a lot of fruits and vegetables! I also switched to whole wheat (not enriched) and high fiber foods. Drink lots of water and stay away from the sweets. I treat my self with something little once a day so that I don't feel deprived. Good luck and although I am no expert feel free to e-mail me if you have anyother questions:)
Hey Summer, way to go on losing weight! Try taking your kids for a 1/2 hr. walk every day. You feel so good just being outside and getting fresh air. It's fun too!