Sunday, September 21, 2008


Took Aidan to the doctor on Friday for his 2 month checkup. He now weighs 11Lbs 90z and is 23 inches long. When i was the doctor's, the doctor started to talk to me about cow's milk and honey and i told her the stuff about why babies cant have cow's milk and honey. I told her that the reason why babies cant have cow's milk is because the babies stomach cant digest the protein and sugar in the milk and that a babies stomach can bleed. And the reason why they cant have honey is because there is a risk of botulism. The doctor was so impressed about my knowledge of this stuff and she said that she didnt know anybody that had my knowledge that i have. Anyways it made me feel so smart!

Here are a few photos of Aidan!

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Doesn't it make you feel good when you know stuff :) Aiden is just beautiful & I can't believe he's already 2 months~time sure flies!
Sorry, I mis-spelled his name above in my comment. Aidan is just beautiful & ♥ all the pics~my fave is that last one w/the bee~~sooo cute!