Saturday, January 17, 2009

Im back!!

FINALLY!!!! My computer is finally working!! My computer has been giving me problems since November 08!! It was driving me insane!! I am hoping that it will continue to work so i dont have to spend anymore money on it! It was costing me alot!!

So, how was everyone holidays? My went great!! Aidan started to roll over on Christmas Eve. It was so cute!! He was laying on his back and then all of a sudden he rolled over. I rolled him over again and said "Roll over" and he did it like 3 times in a row!! I am going to download my pictures but my batteries are dead(figures).

So stay tuned for pictures!!
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Glad you're back. Computer problems are very innoying. having camera problems lol
Welcome back :) Computer problems are the worst~especially when you can't really afford to dish out money to repair them. Can't wait to see pics & see how those precious kiddies have grown & changed :)
Love the new layout!
I'm looking for suggestions for baby items I need please pop by my blog and write down as many as you want. I'd really apreciate it! Thank You!