Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Party!!

The day started offf with me going to get Candace from school,and then after school i took Candace trick or treating at the mall for some candy. Then we came home and made Halloween cookies, I also made Candy Apples for the first time. The candy apples werent a big hit with the kids so i know not to make them next year. When Jasmine arrived home she had a guest with her so they decided to go trick or treating around the trailer park. After they got back the other kids started to show up so i made "mummies on a stick". The mummies on a stick was a big hit with the kids. When all the kids showed up, one of the girls suggested that they go trick or treating. So they headed out and i took Candace around the trailer park and i was shocked to see that there was no kids out. I usually see like 10 or 15 kids but not this year! When we arrived home one of Jasmine's friends showed up. When everyone came back they listende to music, played mummy wrap and then they went into Jasmines home and watched a little bit of "The Grudge", then they turned it off and told ghost stories.

We had an eventful night here last night and i think(hope) that the kids enjoyed themselves

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Looks like you had an interesting night. All of the kids probably went to the big neighborhoods so they could hit more houses in one spot. That's what we always did when I was a kid.