Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not much!!

I know i havent posted for awhile but nothing is going on here worth blogging about. Jasmine is going to have a Halloween Party tomorrow, so on Thursday i will have something to blog about!

Any suggestions on making the Halloween Party a success? Would love your input!!
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Let them have a pumpkin decorating contest. You can let them paint them or you can buy those kits really cheep with the safe knives. Or let them decorate cookies that are shaped like pumpkins.

Make a green punch for them, and call it green slime punch. And you could make Dirt pudding for them. Have you ever heard of this?
Sorry I hit enter to soon...lol!!!

If you haven't just let me knew, I can send you the recipe.

I hope this helps. :o)
I guess it's a little late for suggestions, but I can't wait to hear about it!
Happy Halloween! Hope you had a good evening. I bet the kidos had a wonderful time. Looking forward to hearing about it!