Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kindergarten Today!

When i went to pick up Candace today, the kids were playing in the playground and when i was walking up to the playground a little boy bonked his head(ouch). I made good timing to help out the teacher. I went to the office to get some ice and when i got back to the class, the teacher needed me to supervise the class. I have to tell you that it was quite fun, i have never done that before. I sat in front of the class and all the children were staring at me, so i read them "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, looking at me". I was so proud at that moment listening to the children reading that book. It was a fun experience and i am kinda hoping that i get another chance to supervise the class. Candace thought it was pretty exicting too!!
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Oh my goodness, that sounds so sweet. Sitting there reading with the children. I bet Candace was looking at you with pride 'yup, that's my momma'

Glad you had a great day at school. So much fun watching a group of children playing together.
You should look into substitute teaching! My county has a substitute shortage and is always looking for a warm body to fill a classroom when teachers are out. I bet you'd love it.