Wednesday, September 5, 2007


So i am so happy that today went well for Candace. We were 1hr early so we played on the playground and Candace was so happy playing and checking things out at the school. I didn't stay for long. I only stayed for about 10min then i had to get Justin to come and meet Candace's teacher so that Justin can take Candace to the bus stop for home. I guess that school weared her out because she is sleeping right now. Here are some pictures of today.

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I am SO glad to hear that she had a wonderful day!

I LOVE her hair:) I can't believe how long it is getting! She looks like such a BIG KID!!

Glad your first day of Kindergarten went so well, Candace!!
She really is a cutie! I'm so glad her first day went so well!!
So glad to hear that her first day was good. Cute pictures too.
She is so sweet!

I'm glad to hear all went well on her first day. Sometimes i don't know who its harder on the kids or the parents.
Cute slide glad her first day went well!
Aww, that's a precious slideshow. You'll be glad you did this & can look back on it later :) Glad to hear Candace's 1st day went so well! Her hair is really cute w/the little bow ;)