Thursday, August 30, 2007

Have my doubts!!

Well. i dont think i got the job. The reason why i say is because i havent worked in like 16 yrs. The last job i had was when in gr.11. I have been busy raising my kids so i dont have the job experience. The guy that interviewed me said "i tell the people that i interview dont get discouraged, there are people that are more qualifed than you", but its only been a day. you ever know. i didn't even think that i was going to get a phone call, more i didn't even think that i was going to a phone call. I think that i will give it a week and if the assistant manager hasnt called i might call me back. I am hoping that they will give a chance. I am crossing my fingers.
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Well, if this one doesn't work out, don't get discouraged..there are plenty of jobs out there.
Maybe it'll work out~sometimes it takes longer when they have more applicants~maybe they just had alot of people apply. Good luck & keep us posted.