Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I was.....

I was over at Amber's blog and she was doing something fun. What you do is you google your name, followed by "needs" and then you list 10 things that come up. Here is my list:

1) Summer needs list

2) Summer needs a theme song
Summer Fun, A personal theme song, that is: you know, a tune that you play so often.

3) Summer needs more three day weekends Please
I would love to have more 3 day weekends to myself. I only have a few hours to myself on the weekends.
4) Summer needs at Children & Family Urban Ministries

5) Summer needs to go bye-bye

6) Summer needs excellent drainage

7) Summer needs TLC
I think everyone needs some TLC every once in awhile.
8) Summer needs Assessment

9) Summer needs to get here already

10)Summer needs to be loose fitting.

Try it out.It's fun. If you do this, tell me your results
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#3 - I couldn't agree more!!!!

fun stuff!
great blog u have! can we exchange liks? thanks for the visit!
Cool, I will enjoy trying this. It does look fun!
thanks for your comment! my brand new baby blog needed some attention:) visit often, we're getting things done quickly, so more pics will be up soon!
That's too funny! I might give that a try. :) You have the perfect name for such a thing!

Nice new look, by the way!
I did try this yesterday and it was pretty funny. Can't remember all my results, but it was fun!