Thursday, November 29, 2007


Okay! I was going to tell the blogger world my news next week but i guess i will share now. On Friday Nov.20 i took a pregnancy and it was postive but the plus sign was really, really,really faint so on Monday i bought another pregnancy test and it looked like this and then i took another one yesterday and i had the same results. I have my first doctor's appointment on Tuesday the 4th!!! So, i will have more to update on Tuesday and another thing:

I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE!!!! I found from my Aunt that my sister is expecting her second child around May annnnnddddd my cousin is pregnant too. That means in one year there will be 3 new babies in my family. I AM SO EXCITED!!!
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CONGRATULATIONS Summer!!!! That's what I thought your news was but didn't want to say anything to spoil it until you posted it. That is such awesome news~I'm really excited for you :) Have you told your other children yet? If so, are they excited? What a wonderful CHRISTmas present!!!! Congratulations again!! Keep us updated ALL along this pregnancy :)
OH, I forgot~Congratulations on the other blessings that are coming for your family as well! SO exciting!!!!
Are you due in July, like me??? :) YEY! That would be sooooo coool! You didn't suspect anything???? How long have you known? Congrats!!!
Wow that is wonderful news. Congratulations! Children are such a blessing. One of the greatest gifts imaginable. Such great news to start the holiday season! Jesus' birthday with extra special news. Your family sure has a lot to celebrate!
Whoa, congratulations!!! All the best!