Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Shopping!

Today i am starting my Christmas Shopping for the kids!! Candace is getting to the age where she can tell the other two what i bought. So, since Candace is in school, i am starting this morning!

Has anyone else started their Christmas Shopping?
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Sure have and I am hoping to get a lot more done Friday morning!!! BLACK FRIDAY SALES!!! Can't wait!
I ordered a gift each for Justin & Kendall last Thursday, which started my CHRISTmas shopping. We usually wait til Bobby gets his bonus from his full time job to do our shopping. And, he has a savings account thru his employer @ his full time job & we use that $ too. I can't wait to get all the boy's gifts bought! Hope you have fun shopping & get some really good buys :)
I have a few things bought for Jacob. My focus has been on getting some stocking stuffers. I LOVE having a nice and full stocking. hooray for Dollarama - It is a great place to find deals on a few stocking stuffers. And now that I have the 2 exchange students living with us, I bought each of them a stocking and have to get a few things for them. I am loving every minute of it though. I just have to try not to go overboard! Ryan and I usually just get each other one thing plus our sock and focus most of our shopping for Jacob. I think he is at the age this year that he will be SOOO excited on Christmas morning.

That is a good idea that you don't tell Candace. I remember my brother and I always telling each other what mom bought. It is good to be surprised!