Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Send a Christmas Box to Relatives or Friends

When the Hampson family moved to Round Rock, Texas, several years ago, they suddenly faced a 2,000-mile gap between themselves and their cousins. Their Christmas box--the Hampsons' clever way of bridging the distance during the holidays--became an instant tradition, one that just might bring comfort and joy to your family, as well.
Unlike your average holiday parcel, the Christmas box is short on glitz and requires minimal assembly. It's just a cardboard box your kids can fill with things that tell a story about where they live and the lives they lead there: seashells, pressed flowers, pinecones, postcards with a local theme, edible items, trading cards, ticket stubs--anything that says "me" and "mine." (Don't forget drawings and photos.) The idea is to make the box a reciprocal affair--while your kids are assembling one for their cousins upstate, their cousins will be putting together a similar box for them.

After the boxes have been exchanged, ask your kids which was more fun: making one or receiving one. They'll probably be hard-pressed to choose--and isn't that what the holidays are all about?
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