Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thought i would try this

1. Your rock star name: (first pet, current car) Blue Ford

2. Your gangster name: (favorite ice cream, favorite cookie) Strawberry chocolate chip

3. Your fly guy/girl name: (first initial first name, first 3 letters last name) -

4. Your detective name: (favorite color, favorite animal) Pink Dolphin

5. Your soap opera name: (middle name, birth city) Lesley Mission

6. Your Star Wars name (first three letter last name, first 2 letter of first name)

7. Superhero Name: (2nd favorite color, favorite drink and add "the") The Red Pepsi

8. Nascar name (first names of your grandfathers) Leonard Charles

9. Stripper Name: (favorite perfume, favorite candy) Exclamation Twix

10. Witness Protection Name: (mother's and father's middle name) Lynn Leonard

That was fun! If anyone wants to do this leave me a comment so i can read what you wrote!
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Cool, how neat. That looks like a lot of fun. How do people come up with these things?!